All Purpose Cleaning Solution

About 5 years ago I started paying more attention to what went into my body. Not just food, but also chemicals found in body care products and cleaning products. I tried to consume less paper and make what I could at home, with ingredients I could pronounce.I’ll save my body care products for another post. But today I want to share with you a recipe for an all-purpose cleaning solution that is completely safe and non-toxic.I originally found it in a book called fix it, make it, grow it, bake it by Billie Sharp.


I have these ingredients on-hand at all times, but you may need to order some before you can make it (I order everything from Amazon, but I’m sure you could find these locally).

Now, to be honest, I’ve had this on my to-do list for a week. Usually things sit on my to-do list when I decide they are going to take me too long. I generally have an hour or two in the middle of my day when I come home for lunch and to walk Gus. I don’t want to tackle any to-do’s that are going to take more than five minutes. For the record, this took about three. (This is one of my many, many to-do lists).


A few notes. I cut this recipe in half, since my spray bottle won’t fit a quart of water. I keep a few boxes of Borax around (you can tell this box has been around for a WHILE), but you can use baking soda, too. My skin is sensitive to baking soda, plus Borax is a lot cheaper. Oftentimes I use lavender essential oil, but today I used lemon. Citrus smells clean to me.


I put 10oz. of warm water in a glass bowl. I added ½ tablespoon of liquid castle soap and ½ tablespoon of Borax. Borax can get clumps over time, so I used a whisk to break them up. I added a couple drops of lemon essential oils and poured it into my spray bottle.


**I don’t use paper towels in my house. The rags shown here are a cut-up old cotton bed sheet that I originally used for homemade dryer sheets. The dryer sheets were a bust, but they are the perfect paper towel replacement.

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