I made a list of goals for 2019. I am not generally a resolutions-type person—I couldn’t tell you the last time I made one, and even if I could I definitely did not make it a year.One of my 2019 goals is to bring my blog back. Some of you may remember my daily posts from 2013/2014 when I lived in the Azores. It was sort of about soccer, working out, coaching and culture shock, but mostly it was about eating and running. I had a LOT of time on my hands during those six months. It’s still up at www.lizaduddy.wordpress.comThis post is about goal-setting, commitment, and grace.Goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Yes, I had to google that. I could only remember measurable and time-bound, and to be honest, I think those are the only important ones. If it’s measurable and time-bound, it’s likely to be specific. In terms of this post (and my own goals) it is assignable only to yourself. And obviously it’s relevant. Or maybe it’s not.I started with broad, non-specific, non-measurable, not-time-bound ideas, and then used bullet points to set actual goals around these ideas. Here is what my list looks like:

  1. Get financially healthy
  2. Pay off Discover card every month
  3. Pay $100 extra principal to my mortgage every month
  4. Save a minimum of $100 and up to 10% of my income a month (this will be hard)
  5. Continue to pay quarterly income taxes so you can refinance and get your incredibly-generous-and-selfless brother OFF your mortgage
  6. Continue to grow my business
  7. Track client/athlete data
  8. Encourage 2x/week minimum
  9. VALUE your time
  10. Create written content (blog)
  11. Create more video content
  12. Treasure relationships
  13. Put effort into ‘ships that serve you
  14. Say “no” to events, people, or obligations that don’t
  15. Continue charity work
  16. SMILE Mass Ragnar Relay
  17. Begin planning for Boston Children’s Hospital 5k (even if it’s for 2020)
  18. Support other organizations throughout the year with small monetary donations
  19. Stand Up Kids
  20. Athletic goals:
  21. Run a half marathon
  22. Run a full marathon
  23. Compete RX in the CrossFit Open
  24. Run once a week (at least 2 consectuive miles)
  25. Practice yoga once a week (at least 30 minutes)

So you can already see which goals are specific (and therefor easier to attain) and which are just nice thoughts to keep in mind (What does putting effort into relationships that serve you ACTUALLY mean????).Next up: commitment. Forget SMART goals, I’m using MCT (not the medium-chain-triglycerides in your bullet-proof coffee). Measurable, committed, time-bound. If you are not committed to your goals, don’t even bother. Sixteen days into the new year and I can tell you which of these goals I am committed to (and therefor actually hitting) and which ones I am not.Here is where GRACE comes in. Last week, on Sunday at 8pm, I realized I had not practiced yoga yet. Damnit! I had successfully completed one week of running and yoga-ing and here I was at week two failing. I now had two options: throw that stupid goal out the window (who needs F&@#ing Yoga anyway?!) or afford myself a little grace. I will try to practice yoga twice during the following week (it’s now Thursday and I haven’t even done it once) and if I fail to do that, I will forgive myself and try again next week.Here we are at 2.4. Creating written content. I have been TALKING about this for years. This year, I wrote it down and called it a goal. Committed.I have some other ideas for Ways to Save Money and Ways to be Green/Eco Friendly and a few #lifehacks that I’ll share in the posts to come. Have something you want me to address? Post in the comments.Thanks!Coach Liza

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